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Thank you for taking the time to read about sharing the trail. More and more people are discovering the pleasures that trails offer and as a result our trails are getting more crowded. With the crowding comes the need for more awareness of general guidelines for wise trail use. Such guidelines can enable you and your fellow trail users to have the satisfying experience you are looking for. The following guidelines apply to hikers/joggers, trail stocks (such as horses, llamas, etc.), and mountain bicyclists.


*Travel at a safe speed and be especially careful when visibility is limited.

*Remember that trail stock can be intimidating to other trail users, do communicate to those you meet on the trail.

*If the trail is soft and muddy, try to use an alternate trail. Deep hoof ruts make it difficult for others to use the trail.

*Do not allow trail stock to stand unattended or be insecurely tied. Use picket lines when staying in one location for an extended period.

*Alternate pack stock (llamas, goats, etc.) is becoming more popular. Except for horses, all other users yield to alternative pack stock.


*Listen for other trail users and yield with care to trail stock. Act calmly around trail stock.

*Keep your pet under control or on a leash when passing other trail users.

*Joggers yield to trail stock and hikers.


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*Bicyclists yield to all other trail users.

*When approaching a horse or other trail stock, announce your presence, and then pass slowly or stop and ask if safe to pass.

*Keep your speed down to a reasonable pace. Approach each bend as if someone were around the corner.

*Know what areas are open for bicycling use and always stay on approved trails. Riding off-trail damages resources and threatens other users and wildlife.

General Trail Guidelines

*Respect the land--don't shortcut the trail.

*Avoid wet trails if possible and avoid cutting new trails.

*Keep to the right of the trail--save the left for passing.

*Downhill traffic yields to uphill traffic.

*Adjust your pace when approaching other users.

*When overtaking another user, announce your intentions.

*When in a group, don't block the trail. Allow enough room for other users.

*Joggers yield to trail stock and hikers. All trail users yield the right-of-the-way to trail stock.

(For more information on sharing the trail, call the Trail Coordinator at Arizona State Parks--542-4174. You may also call State Parks for an Adopt-A-Trail Handbook or State Trail Guide.)

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