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Safety Tips for Archery Hunters


The Arizona Game and Fish Department would like to remind all hunters of some regulations that will be enforced!

We've all heard of illegal "roadhunting," but what does that really include? Game and Fish wildlife managers have found the following violations to be among the most common of their citations:

  • Shooting from, on, or across a roadway.
  • Pursuing wildlife with the aid of a vehicle, whether that be on roadways or in off-road areas.
  • Hunting from the back of a vehicle. This includes having your arrow "nocked" or in a ready-to-shoot position.
  • Traveling off-road in any areas not designated or open for that purpose.

Game and Fish officials have met with judges and attorneys to brief them on these problems. Individuals cited for such violations will be fully prosecuted. Officers have increased nighttime patrol activity for upcoming archery and rifle seasons to better enforce hunting regulations.

"Hunters who participate in these illegal activities are a minority," reports Sue Trachy, Information/Education Coordinator for the Pinetop Regional Office, "but unfortunately, it's that minority which assists in portraying hunters in a bad light for many people."

"Additionally, these activities will negatively affect the wildlife resource and its habitat, serving only to diminish future hunting opportunities and other recreational pursuits in the White Mountains."

Everyone can help put these violations to an end by informing the Game and Fish Department of such activities in Pinetop at 367-4281, or through the Operation Game Thief at 1-800-352-0700. All callers can remain anonymous.

Written by & published with the permission of: Sue Trachy, Information & Education Program Manager. Arizona Game & Fish Department,Region 1, Pinetop. HC 66, Box 57201, Pinetop, AZ 85935, (520) 367-4281 If you would like to visit the home page for the Arizona Game & Fish Department, you may find the Department at: www.gf.state.az.us