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From the staff at PINETOP - REGION 1
FAQ'S (Frequently Asked Questions) from your local Game & Fish staff at Region 1 Pinetop, Arizona!

Q. Do I have to mail in my boat registration for renewal or can I come to your Office?

A. You may come in to any office of the State Game & Fish Department, or mail your application. Either option is acceptable.

Q. When do the new regulations come out?

A. Fishing regulations are issued during the first week of December. Hunting regulations will be issued approximately the third (3rd) week of May.

Q. If I find an elk rack in the woods, can I keep it?

A. If the rack appears to be naturally shed - Yes! If however, the rack is still attached to the bull, it would be strongly advisable to contact the Department. An officer will respond to the site to insure there has been no criminal activity (poaching). In the event the death of the animal has been natural, the Game & Fish officer can authorize the taking of the rack giving you legal possession. Under these circumstances, be very careful not to disturb the area. In the event that there has been illegal activity, the site becomes a crime scene and MUST be appropriately investigated. NOTE: It is usually very easy to tell whether antlers have been shed naturally or have been illegally removed from a deceased animal.

Q. What is the age requirement to attend the hunter education class, and is there an age limit?

A. Hunters of all ages are welcome to attend. Classes cover survival, habitat, game management, wildlife identification, first aid, and gun safety. There is no "upper age limit," however, junior attendees must be at least 10 years of age to graduate.

Q. I took the hunter education class in another state. Do I have to take it here also?

A. No. The State of Arizona does recognize hunter education classes from other states. Many other states do recognize Arizona hunter education classes for hunting permits submitted in their jurisdictions.

Q. What do I need to do to become a Game Ranger?

A. Education! The requirements for employment are covered by the Arizona State Department of Administration. In general, a Bachelor of Arts Degree from an accredited college is required with a major area of study relating to wildlife biology, natural resource management, or a similar topic area.

Q. Can you give me a fishing report?

A. Should you call our office, we will gladly let you know what is happening in our area. You may also come into our office and pick up a copy of the current report.

  • Fishing reports: 942-3000 ext. 3701
  • Wildlife News: 942-3000 ext. 3700
  • Fishing Fax request line: (602) 530-2210 ext 4001
  • Fishing information for all U.S. States may be obtained at: 800-ASK-FISH (you must use a touch tone phone)

Q. If I hit an elk on the highway do I just take it home? Or, should I report it?

A. You must report the accident to the appropriate authority. The investigating officer or authorized agent will then issue a salvage permit for the animal. NOTE: The salvage permit is issued ONLY to the driver of the vehicle.

Q. What's the weather like?

A. We don't do weather! Check your home page or your local newspaper!

Q. How old does a child have to be to need a fishing license?

A. A fishing license is required for a child 14 years of age or older. Children age thirteen and younger may fish (on public lands) without a license. Children 13 and under do not have to be with a licensed fisherman. Please note that on lakes where there are trout limits, unlicensed youth (children) are limited to 1/2 bag limits as applicable for the particular lake/stream.

Q. How old does a child have to be to hunt?

A. Small Game hunting - A person under 14 may hunt wildlife, other than big game, without a license when accompanied by a properly licensed person 18 years or older. No more than two unlicensed children may accompany any license holder. The licensed adult must be present.

Big Game hunting - No one under the age of 14 may take Big Game without having completed the Arizona Hunter Education Course or equivalent. No one under age 10 may be certified to hunt Big Game under the Hunter Education Course. The child MUST also be in possession of his/her Hunter Safety card and license during the hunt. Failure to be in possession of BOTH the hunter education card and hunting license may result in a citation.

Q. I found a baby bird, an injured bird, or animal. What do I do? Can I keep it?

A. You may not legally keep wildlife. Our suggestion is that you leave the "baby" bird or animal alone. Many times, you have found the animal because it's parent may be locating food; or you may have startled the parent animal which is very probably nearby. If you disturb or remove the "baby animal" you may very well insure that it's parent cannot return to care for it! Wild babies are best left in the "wild" where the special needs of diet and care can be provided for by the adult animals. You ensure that this care will occur by leaving the baby animal undisturbed, while you quietly detour around it.

In the case of finding injured wildlife, evaluate its situation. How serious is the injury? Is the injured animal posing a human safety threat (i.e. an injured animal on a highway)? Is it a legally protected animal (bird of prey, endangered species)? Your best bet is to, again, leave it alone! Call our office, and we will dispatch an officer to the site who has the proper handling equipment. If you feel you can safely transport that animal, without causing further injury to it, to our office, then bring the animal in. If the animal is on a road, try to move it away from danger (remembering your safety as well--animals can be dangerous when injured!) For the most part, injured animals usually do not survive--they have so many needs (nutritional, behavioral, etc.) that are difficult to meet. We try our best, however, and we do have successes!

Q. The duck stamp is valid July 1 to June 30. When I buy the next year's license, do I need to purchase a new stamp?

A. No, you do not need to purchase a new stamp. However, you must keep the stamp from the previous license with the new license.

Frequently asked questions were submitted by personnel from the Pinetop (Region 1) Office, Arizona Game & Fish Department. We gratefully thank them for this opportunity to be of service. Watch for updates to FAQ'S on a seasonal basis!

Published with the permission of: Arizona Game & Fish Department Region 1, Pinetop. HC 66, Box 57201, Pinetop, AZ 85935, (520) 367-4281. If you would like to visit the home page for the Arizona Game & Fish Department, you may find the Department at www.gf.state.az.us.
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