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Abert's Squirrel . . . (Sciurus aberti)


These animals are a primary small game species hunted in Arizona. Hunting small game requires only a valid Arizona regular hunting or combination hunting/fishing license. A U.S. Forest Service Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests map is a handy tool.

Abert's Squirrel: One of the more striking of the squirrel species, the Abert's squirrel has dark ear tufts, a gray body with a rusty stripe down its back and bright white undersides.

Habitat: Dependent upon ponderosa pine vegetation.

Food Preferences: Plant materials including leaf buds, acorns, forbs, fungi, and in particular, the seeds of ponderosa pine trees.

Distribution: 5,000-9,000 feet along the Mogollon Plateau and White Mountains.

Information courtesy Arizona Game & Fish Department, Region 1-Pinetop,AZ