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The Raven Site Ruins  

Sherwood Ranch Pueblo  

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Southwest Ranch Pueblo, Formerly known as the Raven Ruin, this 300-room Pueblo located in Apache County was donated to The Archaeological Conservancy by landowners Ruth and Wendell Sherwood in 2003

On the banks of the Little Colorado River, just north of the ruins at Casa Malapais and south of the ruins at Lyman Lake State Park, there is another archaeological site now being professionally investigated.


"Raven Site Ruin" sits majestically overlooking the Little Colorado River. This prehistoric pueblo contains two kivas and more than 800 rooms and was occupied as early as A.D. 1000 through A.D. 1450. The site exhibits unique cultural features of both Mogollon to the south and the Anasazi people to the north. By the beginning of the 15th century, this ancient culture had all but vanished.

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